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Our online platform Paksim Ga provides all important information relevant to sim owner details for all networks across Pakistan through the SIM database online. What distinguishes us is our commitment to offering these services, including SIM owner details, completely free of charge. Our platform serves as a versatile tool meeting the needs of Pakistani citizens, offering various SIM-related services using sim database online.

Moreover, one of our primary features is the CNIC information system, enabling users to determine the number of SIMs registered under a specific CNIC for verification purposes. Additionally, our SIM information system allows users to access SIM owner details.

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Features for using Sim Database Online

We offer search engine tools for all Pakistani citizens to effortlessly access SIM owner details by using Sim information system. Our interface for using sim database online is designed to be simple and efficient, eliminating the need for any specialized training. Hence, users can simply enter the CNIC or mobile number, and retrieve SIM owner details instantly. Here are the features offered by our platform:

  • Supports all kind of devices: Our SIM information system shows compatible with all device types, ensuring accessibility for users on Android phones, tablets, laptops, or Apple devices to fetch sim details.
  • Location Tracking: With our live tracker cf feature, users can swiftly trace and locate any SIM number, device, or individual in seconds, free of charge, providing real-time location data to all Pakistani citizens.
  • Extensive SIM Details: Our extensive web directory contains millions of mobile number records in our SIM database online, enabling users to access SIM owner details with a single click.
  • CNIC Verification Details: Using our CNIC information system to verify the SIM details of an individual’s identity card and to know the number of SIMs registered under that CNIC number.
  • All Network Compatibility: Our SIM database online supports and is compatible with all cellular networks operating in Pakistan, including Ufone, Telenor, Zong, Jazz, and Warid.
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Live Tracker | Get Access to Location Information

To verify someone’s SIM details using a SIM database online, simply enter the SIM number or identity card number on a reliable online platform. The live tracker feature will then provide you with important information such as the name of the SIM owner, their address, and current location.

Moreover, the live tracker cf provides additional sim owner details including the network operator, the status of the SIM card (whether it is active or deactivated), the activation date, and the specific location of the SIM card. This user-friendly tool requires nothing more than entering a mobile number, with results displayed on the screen within seconds.

The live tracker tool proves invaluable for individuals plagued by unwanted calls or messages, offering a means to easily track down the source and potentially take legal action against offenders.

Paksim GA | Live Track SIM Information In Pakistan 2024

In the heart of Pakistan’s technological boom lies Paksim GA, a tool redefining the way we understand and manage SIM information. This resource is not just another digital utility; it’s an embodiment of trust, transparency, and technological prowess, built on the foundation of expertise and innovation.

When using the service for Live Tracker cf for tracking and tracing a mobile number, a request message is released to the cellular network, seeking permission to access the mobile number details. Subsequently, the network responds by providing the location of the specified mobile number along with comprehensive information.

Paksim GA Live Tracker

Sim Ownership Details

What is sim card? A SIM card, short for Subscriber Identity Module, is a small smart card containing essential data pertaining to its owner. For using a SIM card in your device, it must be registered with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) through CNIC.

Our SIM information system helps individuals in identifying unknown individuals behind unwanted or spam calls or texts. Additionally, corporations can utilize the SIM database online to track client information and monitor employee activities or for marketing purpose.

The SIM information system provides comprehensive details regarding SIM ownership, including the owner’s name, contact address, mobile number, identity card number, and other relevant details associated with the SIM card.

Sim Information
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CNIC Information System| Get Verification

The Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) is an important identification document for Pakistani citizens, issued by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), a government regulatory body. Thus, it plays a vital role in organizing and monitoring citizen data, containing essential personal details of the cardholder.   NADRA’s centralized system stores comprehensive information about cardholders, assigning a unique 13-digit code to each individual. This code serves as a distinct identifier for citizens.

On the other hand, Pakim Ga offers an information tool known as the CNIC information system, enabling users to retrieve number details using an individual’s CNIC number (the 13-digit unique code). Through CNIC information system, users can verify the authenticity of unknown individuals, providing a free and accessible resource for all citizens of Pakistan.


How secure is my data with Paksim GA?

Paksim GA uses Advanced Encryption Standard technologies, ensuring the utmost security of user data. Privacy and trust are at the helm of our priorities.

Can I access Paksim GA from any device?

Absolutely! Paksim GA is designed to be compatible with a myriad of devices, from mobile phones to desktops.

How accurate is the SIM information provided?

With collaborations with authoritative entities in Pakistan, the information’s accuracy is second to none.